Thursday, 27 September 2012

the dreams. repetitive dreams flying over the water swimming pools oceans rivers. seeing through the water. water always water. moving along a path. always a path. the red and green snakedragons in the sky i am mesmerised with

their beauty and i forget where i am.
panic. after our phone call. you are. i can not believe i am. exactly 48hours after our 8,08 minute discussion i am relaxed. terrible i want something whole wanting is a sick is it. i dont want anything you do not want to give. but i do. i want you to orchestrate but my strong weak ego jumps demanding i should this that should jump into fast track. i met my home on the phone
a moment that i can discribe only like this

can someone else be a home

to the rest of you. i will not give any pieces of myself, not for sale continue to move
niina turtola 2012

your love note was written with a typewriter on a thin soft long slice of a paper. ink made of gold diamonds. meters and meters long piece of beautiful expensive paper. extraordinary. you say i am inspiring witty and what. 
i never seen such a slice of paper before. beautiful letters you had chosen for me like the queen i felt put one after another. they blew me away thousand and thousands of miles and kilometers. on a trip. we have such a chemistry that not even the wisest scientists nor the philosopher can explain. not even i. 
the chemistry almost demised me with colorful pills electric shocks needles on my wrists and spine
alone there
and i smile at myself
insanity becomes sanity
remove your red mask

niina turtola 2012

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