Friday, 14 September 2012

The probability of nothing and everything, 
the invention of a new lexicon

by niina turtola,
published in the New Era 14.9.2012

I have been thinking with which words to answer to your text Mr. Sampson. My mind has written 51 answers. I am writing one version 52 with the limit of 500 words.

Did you not realise I refer with “colored waters” to landscapes of mind, dreams, unconscious, emotions? Simply. Warm colors = I feel love, loved in the midst of occasional impediments. I am not stopped. I pause.

My images writings are a product of thoughts and emotions I had. I look at them as a third party. I chose a few from my drawer. Goal is not the whole but the process. The ultimate destination is only what we can experience once, after that we have no say. 

I do not photograph subjects. There are objects that become subjects depicting through the mind, the eye. As an object they are nothing. What I saw when I felt the moment is there. I look at the table, it creates a representation through my eye. It is not the table. Paul Klee has been reputed of being in the forest with the realisation that not only he was looking at the forest but the forest was looking back at him. One of my favourite hobbies is to watch my plant grow. There is a fourth dimension that exists if we are tuned in. Sensitive enough. This dimension does not revolve around clock, linear thinking or physical outlines. I have held an unspoken dialog with a zebra. Stared in the eyes of a Praying mantis. Imagination! Real!

I have diluted parts of my juices within the exhibition. I do not always find an answer to substitute my being but I try. I am illiteral person. Surface is nothing until it becomes something through an action and acknowledgement. Read the exhibition as a context, as a text and it becomes one. Photographs are the continuation of the unexplainable subconscious being.

Visual language, writings with words and lingua. I absolutely love love to play with words, create mystery stories. I was in this already as a child. I am a child. What you see is not what you see if you do not really see.  

Title and subtitles. I am an alien flower the fertiliser of the psycho-visual probability. Do you believe photographs are depicting reality? Mine is mine, yours is yours. They are as real as you let them be. What is not shown is also part of the reality. Text and images are actors in a scene as I put them together.

Next. I am thanking you to raise questions and discussing life in the context of arts, in a more interesting level beyond the surface. 

Ps. I chose to have a glossy glass covering a fine photo paper. The reflections portray not only the parts of the photograph but also yourself. Did you see yourself in my photographs that you loved to hate?

niina turtola : two eyes no capitals

"To gaze is to think". Salvador Dali

beyond colored waters at the FNCC until the 27.9.2012

Exhibition opening on the 3rd of September 2012 at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre, Windhoek, Namibia

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