Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today is the day I start to be honest.

Graphic design does not exist. In the way it should anyway. 

What is dead is actually proper visual communication. The designer is the interpreter and transformer of other peoples thoughts and ideas into visual language

People (sometimes called clients) who ask for designers to design something, should give more more space to think for the designer, and please only interfere the minimum. I only work with commercial design and commission works if the client has realises that he or she is not the king. The client does not know the principles or philosophy of design. How could she or he?

An educated designer knows their typefaces and papers, colors and tools, they deserve the freedom to put into visual language exactly what is right. Of course there are designers who bought software box and claim to be designers. 

There is no need to decorate the world with non-sense, ev ren though mostly this is the case. Sense means cutting down the amount of objects and feeling and thinking what, why and for whom. Yes!

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