Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The world of signs in mostly uncommon to people, in deeper realm - though they are all around us. The signs. The text. the Images. Everywhere. They are just there like we would need them. Some of them we do need. Some of them not. They are not necessary. 

Unless taught visual literacy in school, which is mostly not the case, the understanding of all the visual communication surrounding us is not possible. And the production of bulk will happen. Bulk means money. MOney normally refers to greed. Greed is a negativity and cannot produce the opposite. 

With bulk I refer to design and reproduction of images that reinforce stereotypes and mass thinking, instead of creating new levels of thinking in an individual. Masses want easy and fast. Life philosophy cannot be easy and fast. Can it? Entertainment is the masses and it does not create new interpretations since it wants to please. Does it?

We need pure simple design in order to survive as human species. The bulk = unnecessary and ugly design that is actually meant to be beautiful but is not since the designer is blind and not knowledgeable enough,  we cannot get rid of but I as an individual designer have a responsibility to not produce more VP. Vp is Visual Pollution.  

By being inspired by my fellows from the Institute for the Typographically Insane I created a new signature for my self yesterday.

I typed Niina. Once and copied it once. Niina. With Two i's/ice/eyes. 

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