Friday, 31 January 2014

Dear potential clients

The important discussion is the one of

and imperfection.
life is not perfect
so should not be the design
else it becomes a lie

We should create no more lies, 
When you write a brief and ask me to design for example a book based on your description
Remember, that I will not change my language to your language
And you know my language as I have shown it, and as it is shown here, right here
You need to be brave to trust that what I see and interpret is a creation of art design

in form of a book

When you write the text believe that I am not creating a lie
the lie that
the software would

see, we are responsible to whos
that the world is imperfect
so why are we polishing

If you think what I am saying is bxxx sxxx.
Then contact someone else
or do it yourself,
I believe we are over-burdening the world with objects that

but carry no

v a l u e

is b e a t i f  u l
art is not advertising and i am not trying to sell anything with the work i do
except the potential
to be discovered
BY THE READER in the words on the paper printed
maybe, or maybe not
and you should also

as no one can know
how it will be sold and for what reasons
think about it.

design is philosophy, not some


Michael Rock, 
The designer as an author, What does it really mean to call for graohic designer to be an author?



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