Wednesday, 20 May 2015

lately i have been working very extensively with the practice part of my research
the research
is and has been
how the posters
interact with the viewer
it is a topic of my interest through text espacialy, especially

t e x t

that you read here is transmitted through this keyboard i touch the alphabets that i press that were given thought a typing system so that i can communicate

misspelling and errors they interest me
the research did not start as a research but a practice that started from an impulse and a reaction that became something there the research was born
that i did not start intentionally
intention became my practice and just now i copy/pasted your words into a poster and you scream at me about the content

that is the question and the action

i am not looking for answers to the society producing the text they do, i use the text the society produces as my critical design

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